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"I first came to see Dr. Hamrick for neck and back problems I was having.  I also suffer from glaucoma and there were times when I had blurred vision.  When I started getting adjusted, I noticed my glaucoma pressure came down and the blurred vision cleared.  My overall health has gotten much better with the help of Dr. Hamrick, and I feel good!" ---Ellen R.

"I am doing so much better after having Chiropractic care.  My neck and shoulder pain is gone and also the relief from the headaches has improved very much.  Because of having these specific Chiropractic adjustments my quality of life is better and without the side effects I would have had with medications."---Linda L.

"HSC has been a huge help to me.  I wouldn't be able to function as well as I do without the care I have received for several years now.  I recommend them highly."---Clark M.

"After seeking care, the ear infections have went down tremendously.  Makes mom's life a lot easier.  Thank you."--Chloe K.

"Nathanael (5 years old) has had problems breathing at night since infancy.  He had surgery to have his adenoids removed to help with the breathing.  This worked for a few months but the apnea started again.  I decided to try an alignment.  After 2 alignments with Dr. Hamrick, Nathanael is breathing normally again at night.  The congestion he was experiencing constantly has also gone away.  Nathanael can breathe normally at night now and we all get a better night's sleep!  I really hesitated at allowing my 5 year old to receive Chiropractic care but I am so glad I did!  Dr. Hamrick is gentle and reassuring to my son."--Tracy


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