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 What is Chiropractic? 

To better understand what Chiropractic is you need to first understand how the body works. The brain is the “human dynamo” which generates all energy for all the body. All parts of the body have a connection to the brain thru the nerve system.  The nerves act as wires to convey this life evergy to all parts of the body to control and coordinate ALL functions in the body.  Chiropractic has defined this life energy as INNATE INTELLIGENCE.  Every single function in your body is under the direct control of the INNATE INTELLIGENCE at all times. The vertebrae (bones) of the spine are designed to protect those nerves carrying the messages from the brain to the body.  When the bones of the upper neck (Atlas and Axis) misalign out of their normal position this is called a Subluxation.  When this Subluxation is present it constricts or narrows the opening through which the brain stem, spinal cord & spinal nerves pass through. This constriction interfers with the messages going from the brain to the body and slows down organic and cellular function which leads to dis –ease (lack of ease/function), then symptoms, disease and eventually death. This procedure has helped millions of people all over the world..  

Here at Hamrick Specific Chiropractic we focus on finding the cause of your problems and correcting it, as opposed to just treating the symptoms. We use specific nerve-heat scans, spinographs (x-rays), and specific adjustments to locate and correct the nerve interference that is causing your problems and help you gain relief from your symptoms thereby putting you on the road to increased health.

The Cause and Cure for Health Come From Within!


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